WHY TANGUIS COTTON? – Peruvian Cotton; Ethical and Durable

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Tanguis cotton is a very durable cotton originating from mid and southern Peru, named after Peruvian engineer Fermín Tanguis. In 1911, Fermín Tanguis effectively grew a more economically friendly cotton. Through experimenting in germination from multiple cotton seeds, Fermin developed a seed that produced a superior cotton plant resistant to disease.



Tanguis cotton, developed and ethically sourced in Peru, is ranked among the finest fibers in the world. It is characterized by its resistance and incredibly soft, long, and uniform fibers. Highly absorbent, Peruvian tanguis cotton will retain 24-27 times its own weight in moisture. Garments made with tanguis cotton are known for being more breathable as the fiber absorbs and releases perspiration quickly.

Lauren Harvey, Redneck Rhino, Rhino Life, Ethical Clothing, Tanguis Cotton, Tanguis shirt, T-shirt, Redneck shirt, Rhino shirt

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The seeds developed by Fermin Tanguis produced a plant that had a 40% longer and thicker fiber that did not break as easily and required little water. The Egyptian cotton grown in Peru before the fungus plague grew only once a year; tanguis cotton grows six times a year. This type of cotton fiber showed a better resistance and performance than others.  Using tanguis products means that with each purchase you are getting a durable and sustainable product.  Tanguis uses less of the earth’s natural resources & because each product will last longer, there is less need to expend both natural resources and labor resources.

To find more information on tanguis cotton read: Peru, 1890-1977: Growth and Policy in an Open Economy



Choosing to use tanguis cotton is a superior choice, it is a sustainable and luxurious fabric.  Redneck Rhino t-shirts are 100% tanguis cotton.  By using tanguis cotton we produce a shirt specifically structured to provide unrivaled breathability. The amazing durability of our Redneck Rhino t-shirt offers a long lasting comfortable fit that can only be achieved with tanguis cotton. Sustainable materials are important to us which is why we manufacture premium quality alpaca fleece beanies and tanguis cotton shirts.


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