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We call Bernie the innovator and originator of Redneck Rhino. As a businessperson for over 20 years, Bernie Bedor has been a catalyst for multiple companies before Redneck Rhino and has seen businesses from inception to wild success, including the ups and downs in between.  As the main front-runner in his businesses for many years, Bernie has received multiple sales-person of the year awards and has been a driving force for success in each project.

Bernie has a deep-rooted belief that no matter what a business is selling, it must have purpose.  At the end of the day, it’s about the impact that we create.

After studying the true meaning of “Redneck” the phrase Redneck Rhino came together serendipitously and a brand was born.

Thanks to Bernie’s vision, Redneck Rhino today stays true to its’ name. We are on a mission to inspire people to live a life in relentless pursuit of freedom, purpose & rebellion against the status quo.

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Chelsea is a key part of our team and heads up the marketing efforts for Redneck Rhino.  She can be seen wearing eye-popping shoes, with her crazy hair sipping on a local, ethically-sourced coffee.  As owner and COO of Dygert ConsultMent, her and her team handle everything from photo shoots to producing the creative imagery seen throughout the Redneck Rhino social media platforms and website.  She has a background in entrepreneurship and business development, which has been a great biproduct of her undergraduate degree in entrepreneurship from Arizona State University.

Why is Chelsea passionate about our brand? She believes in helping the community and volunteers her time weekly to support local nonprofits in Scottsdale, Arizona.  She also gave us a little more by saying, “I love business, because it solves problems, but it shouldn’t stop there.  Business should also give back.  That’s why I absolutely adore Redneck Rhino.  With each purchase, you get to choose where you want to make a difference.”   For any social media questions, brand collaborations, or to receive press releases, reach out to Chelsea at:

You can also reach her on one of our many social media platforms.