Giving Back: Turtle Island Restoration Network

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In the spirit of the holiday season, each week, we’d like to showcase a few charities in which we believe strongly about their cause. This weeks charity has been on our product check out donate list from the beginning, and we love what they do for our marine wildlife.

We believe that giving back is a large part of creating a better world and bettering our communities, and we couldn’t imagine any better way to thank these great organizations for their services and being a model for living the #RhinoLife, than to give them the spotlight they deserve. For our third showcase, we give you @Turtle Island Restoration Network.

Turtle Island Restoration Network

Who is Turtle Island Restoration Network?

Founded by Todd Steiner in the late 1980s, the restoration network has been a driving force behind sea turtle as well as other marine life survival. It started out as humble beginnings in Nicaragua as Steiner undertook a new way to fight against the desecration of the sea turtle. This grassroots movement began involving the local communities along the shores in order to create sanctuaries for these beautiful creatures, but the vision didn’t stop there. Over the years the network has branched out into its own world wide non-profit and includes programs for sea turtles, sharks, salmon, and more.1 They’ve stayed true to Todd Steiner’s original vision, and we thank them for their diligence in bringing knowledge to the people on marine conservation.

Why is Turtle Island Restoration Network important?

The network has helped bring awareness to the masses to become more environmentally friendly, better stewards of the earth, and bring about positive changes in the marine world, but their work is not done. Their work with the sea turtle is now more than ever highly critical. Sea turtles are necessary to beach and marine ecosystems, and especially important to seagrass beds. Why is that important? Many other species of marine animals rely on those beds to develop their young and to bring about a new generation of sea life. Basically we could equate having no sea turtles, to having much fewer marine species in general.2 That’s not good for the planet and could potentially be detrimental to mankind. As the network continues to grow, we look forward to seeing their continued positive changes on not just the marine world, but the world in general.

If you’d like to reach out to Turtle Island Restoration Network, feel free to visit their website or social media profiles listed below:


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