Game Over Movie In Hindi

Game Over Movie In Hindi


Game Over Movie In Hindi

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Anurag Kashyap’s Hindi debut ‘Game Over’ has drama, thrill, suspense, gore, thrills and laughs
Game Over (2019) review – a Bollywood thriller that is smart, thrilling and gut-wrenchingly unpredictable. *Warning: this review contains spoilers* .
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The film focuses on an elite team who travel to Karachi to interrogate an al-Qaeda cell. The team consists of the CIA agent Ethan Kelly (Kevin Spacey), who has no training in interrogation methods, a former Marine Corps Ranger, a former FBI agent turned interrogator, and the team’s leader. The team’s mission is to extract information from the cell’s leader, Farooq Sobhan (Aamir Ali), who has been identified as a key al-Qaeda leader.

Approximately two years before the events of the movie, (as seen in the trailer) Farooq is captured by the CIA in an operation that goes horribly wrong. His first two days as a prisoner are routine, but then he suffers a medical malfunction. His head is getting smaller and his limbs shorter, while his head is getting larger. He becomes victim of an experiment in which scientists use his brain to try to develop a weapon that would kill or inflict pain on soldiers.

Meanwhile, the plan goes awry because the CIA agents are unable to extract the information that they want from Farooq. Some of them are killed by Farooq, while others are left to die in a forest. At the end of the movie, we see that every member of the CIA team is dead, and Farooq walks free with all of his weapons and equipment. There is no explanation why the CIA agents died.

Why Should You Watch Game Over?

The story is a great example of the true-life events that have occurred in foreign


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